Global Resorts Network: What's the Scoop on Global Resorts Network?

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Global Resorts Network
Top Recommended Travel Club

What Is It?: So, what is Global Resorts Network©?

Well its travel service division has been around over 20 years! (yes, we like longevity in this industry!)

In 1999, it developed an Internet reservation and customer service system providing members with access to its world-wide inventories of accommodation.

Why We Like It: Global Resorts Network offers tremendous value without compromising luxury.

The Costs: GRN has 3 membership levels, Platinum Plus, Platinum, and Silver.

The Platinum Plus is $11,995

You get unlimited access to the online catalog of resorts so you can plan your dream vacation at your convenience. You also get 20 weeks of vacations a year. Typical 1-3 Bedroom prices range from $398/wk to $799/wk. Access to all resorts offered.

The Platinum Plan is $7995 - and is our most popular membership!

You get unlimited access to the online catalog of resorts. Enjoy 10 weeks of vacation per year. Typical 1-3 bedroom prices range from $398-$799/wk per week. Access to all resorts offered.

Like anything else, prices are subject to change.

The Silver Plan is $2995

You get unlimited access to the online catalog of resorts. Enjoy 2 weeks of vacation per year. Typical 1-3 bedroom prices range from $398-$799/wk per week. Access to all resorts offered.

All resorts are 3, 4, and 5 star rated.  

Luxurious resorts, flexibility, and affordability make Global Resorts Network our top recommended travel club membership.

NOTE: GRN is not a timeshare, or a social club. It strictly provides luxury resort memberships along with one-stop shop planning of vacations...including offering air flights and car rental discounts.

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If you choose to have fun-filled vacations with Global Resorts Network, I will be your advisor. I can be contacted here with any questions.

Happy travels!


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