Prestige Travel Club: What's the Scoop on Prestige Travel Club?

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Prestige Travel Club

Prestige Travel Club (aka Passport to Travel Club and Passport Prestige Travel Club) reportedly offers its members discounts to cruises, resorts, and hotels (limited to 1 cruise per year and other limitations) for a one-time fee of $99. All you have to pay are the processing fees and taxes.

Side Note: I've seen the travel club pricing at $29, $99, and even one website had it priced at $149. Not sure of why the inconsistency in pricing.

It sounds a little too good to be true...and maybe it is. How can a company stay in business offering so much for just a one-time fee? Well, the answer lies in all the processing fees that you are charged when you actually book a vacation (cruise, hotel, resort) through them.

Some Prestige Travel Club members report that after paying all the processing fees that you end up paying just as much as if you had booked the vacation directly yourself without the Prestige membership.

Although Prestige Travel Club mentions well-known companies in its advertising, you can't actually look up any kind of resorts (or anything else for that matter) to see what's actually available to you before you become a member.

Not sure it it gets any easier to plan a vacation after you become a member.

Lack of transparency and inconsistent pricing may be a concern for consumers looking into this travel club.

Use your own good judgment.

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