GlobeQuest Travel Club – Buy or Buyer Beware?

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If you're seriously looking at GlobeQuest Travel Club (or frankly any travel club for that matter), there are some serious questions you really need to ask yourself so you don't become a victim of one of the thousands of travel clubs and timeshare companies that have infiltrated the Internet...(and the offline world too!).

I just happened to notice quite a buzz on the Internet about GlobeQuest Travel club, albeit some of it, if not most of it negative. And the pattern I see is that people take a marvelous vacation at one of Mexico's finest resorts only to later find themselves in a timeshare presentation. There's nothing sinister in that at fact a lot of resorts do a lot promotion this way.

Now from all the research I've found I see people who felt they were compelled or "pressured" to go the presentation given by GlobeQuest. In reality, unless you're kidnapped or have a gun pointed to your head you are there on your free will.I digress...

Here are just a few postings of people who bought into a GlobeQuest travel membership but either are having second thoughts or regrets for doing so:

Customer #1
Customer #2
Customer #3

This is not a bashing of GlobeQuest nor am I taking their side. It is to help well-meaning travelers make better decisions when choosing a travel program and most importantly, to help them see the bigger picture.

For example customer #1 in this example felt that he was coerced by the alcohol given to him in the presentation to buy a travel membership.

In other examples people had buyers remorse when they got back to their hotel room after buying a membership at the presentation.

Whether you feel GlobeQuest is legitimate or a scam, in each of those above cases and many more cases just like it, potential buyers could've done some things much differently that would've made  their outcome much better or at least made them feel good about their purchase.

Still thinking about a GlobeQuest membership? Here are just a few simple and practical tips to consider:

 1. Prep Yourself... Before you go to a presentation make sure you commit to yourself (and your spouse) to not buy anything while at the presentation.

 2. Be Fully Present... When at the presentation, make sure you're sober enough to understand what's being presented to you.

 3. Give Yourself Time to Think It Through... If you like what you hear at the presentation, make a point to not sign up that very day, but to take a couple of days to think it over. Note...the salesman will tell you that the special deal is only good for that day only and you'll lose out by not signing up right then, but don't fall for it. It's better to lose out on a good "deal" than to have buyers remorse down the line. And odds are if you come back a day or two later you'll get the same deal because they'll make a special exception in your case and give you the deal anyway.

 4. Compare GlobeQuest to Other Travel Sites... While you're taking time to think the deal through, this is the time where you go online and start comparing prices on sites like Priceline, Travelocity, etc... You will discover that either GlobeQuest is giving you a deal or they're not. This is also going to based upon how much you actually travel. Will GlobeQuest save you money or will it cost you more money than what you can actually get out of the membership?

 5. Compare GlobeQuest to Other Travel Memberships... If you find that GlobeQuest is a steal, then you want to compare membership costs of other comparable travel clubs like Global Resorts Network. Are you paying too much for your membership at GlobeQuest or is it comparable to other travel clubs?

 6. Be Cautious of Contracts In Other Countries... Signing a contract in a foreign country is like opening up a can of worms in that once let out will be very hard to undo. The reason being is that you're under the laws and jurisdiction of that country, not your own.

These simple tips may seem like a lot to do whether you're looking at GlobeQuest Travel Club or any other vacation club, but buy not adhering to these you may end up paying down the line with a travel membership that you overpaid on or worse yet get scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars which you may never ever get back.

GlobeQuest may be the best thing that ever happened to you or it may be the worse. The smarter traveler does their homework first to find out the answer.


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