World Travel Club Membership vs Global Resorts Network

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Is the World Travel Club membership a winner or a sore loser when it stacks up against Global Resorts Network? You may be in for quite a shock at the answer. These are the things no one dares to talk about in the travel industry.

If you were looking at the World Travel Club Membership or even the Global Resorts Network club, then there are some important things you've got to know.

Choosing a travel club is no easy task unless you have a little bit of knowledge as to how they work and why vacation resorts turn to these types of organizations to bring in customers.

Briefly, resorts want their rooms filled. Unoccupied rooms means no money. They're in the business of making money. So, the reason why they "partner" with these types of clubs is to simply to stay in business.

Simple enough.

So, some clubs got a bit of leeway to decide what to charge for their memberships. With everything being equal (the same resorts, decent customer service, etc...), the thing they can truly compete on is price.

Why pay more for the same resort when you don't have to? When you look at how the World Travel Club membership stack up against Global Resorts Network, it's easy to see which is the real bargain.

Here's the comparison at a glance...

World Travel Club Membership Information

Accomodation One Time Cost Fee Per Week
Studio $5,000.00 $495.00
1 Bedroom $6,000.00 $595.00
2 Bedroom $9,000.00 $795.00


Global Resorts Network

Accomodation One Time Cost Fee Per Week
Studio $1,495 (Gold) / $2,995 (Platinum) $398-$699 (G) / $298-$699 (P)
1 Bedroom $1,495 (G) / $2,995 (P) $398-$699 (G) / $298-$699 (P)
2 Bedroom $1,495 (G) / $2,995 (P) $398-$699 (G) / $298-$699 (P)
3 Bedroom $1,495 (G) / $2,995 (P) $398-$699 (G) / $298-$699 (P)

*Note* In rare exceptions may be up to $799 week in Hawaii etc.

When you look at these clubs from this standpoint, it's a no-brainer as to which travel membership club comes up on top.

Think of all the money you'll be saving by going with the club membership that offers real value without sacrificing luxury.

With the money you save you can:

  • Go on more excursions
  • Take more vacations
  • Take your in-laws on vacation
  • Take a longer vacation
  • Go on an exotic vacation you previously thought you couldn't afford

The list is endless.

Isn't it about time you take that vacation? Now you can.

Happy travels!

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