Nomads Travel Club...Is There Still Hope?

5:20 PM Posted by Admin

Is there a lesson to be learned with the dire news of Nomads Travel Club, or is just another bump in the road for another travel-related company?

It's no secret that the travel industry is on the rebound from a tough economy. Nomads Travel Club may very well end up like another vacation travel club that caters to high-end travel enthusiasts, Ultimate Escapes, if doesn't change what it's doing.

If you're not familiar with Nomads Travel Club, it's Detroit's oldest travel club and it happens to be on the brink of liquidation. Click here to read more...

Although travel clubs can come in a wide array of price ranges and accommodations, the clubs that seem to be toughing out this rough economy the best are the vacation travel clubs that have lower operating costs and cater to middle to high income travelers.

Nomads Travel Club may need to find a way to lower its operating costs (maybe cut out the private jet?) so it can live another day to give their members just one more dream vacation.

We wish Nomads Travel Club well!


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