Inspirato Vacation Club: Is the Inspirato Vacation Club a Good Deal?

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If you've heard of the Inspirato luxury vacation club, but wasn't quite sure what it is and how it works...and wasn't quite sure if it was worth your time and money, then you'll definitely want to read this.

So what is the Inspirato luxury vacation club?

Well if you're a savvy traveler looking into travel clubs, then you probably know  pretty much how they work.

But if you happen to be new to all of this, let me just cut to chase and briefly tell you in a few sentences about them...

For simplicity sake travel clubs can basically be put into two categories: travel clubs you have equity in and travel clubs that you don't.

You would think that having equity in something is a good thing...and most instances it is, however, travel clubs including timeshares are not investments nor are they designed to make you money unless you're a timeshare property developer creating properties.

Travel clubs are designed to save you money when you vacation. This is an important point that travelers miss and it usually gets them in trouble down the road.

Which brings us to Inspirato.

Inspirato is a travel club that specifically caters to the affluent. With that in mind, it doesn't mean that you have to pay more for your vacations just because you have the money...especially when you don't have to.

This travel club was founded by Brent Handler, who co-founded Exclusive Resorts, a high-end destination club that also caters to the very wealthy.

How Inspirato Works

Just like most travel clubs, you become a member by paying a membership fee; in this instance, to become an Inspirato member you pay a one-time initiation *fee of $9,500. Memberships are good for one year and if you choose to renew your membership you’ll pay an annual renewal fee $2,500 each year.

*Note prices do change and this is the going rate as of this writing.

Here is the important part of Inspirato...

In addition to the membership costs, you'll have to pay nightly rates for a vacation home or access to luxury resort facilities. This means you can travel to the club’s properties as little or much as you want. The nightly rates for each home are dynamic, which means they can change and are not fixed priced and are based upon the market's going rate.

Side're not buying equity in properties.

And most importantly Inspirato doesn't buy these vacation homes, they lease them. This makes it less expensive for you to join.This is also what makes Inspirato stand apart from most high-end travel clubs that cater to the very affluent.

Important Things to Know About Inspirato...

Personal Vacation Advisor
You'll get access to a Personal Vacation Advisor (PVA) once you become a member. They're there to assist you in planning your vacation.

Concierge Services
With your membership you're also going to get daily housekeeping and personal concierge services.

Types of Properties
Although the portfolio of properties is limited, you do get access to top rated luxury resorts and upscale vacation homes.The current estimated market value of the homes in the Inspirato collection ranges from approximately $2.0M to over $10M. The average nightly going rate is around $800+


Inspirato looks like a promising for those who love to vacation in higher-end homes. With its low cost membership fee this seems like a good deal for those who want to vacation like this.

However, for the traveler who likes luxury resort vacations, then you can do much better with a luxury travel club like Global Resorts.

Inspirato may just change the way the wealthy vacation...and save them money in end. Who could argue against that?


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