Quintess Luxury Vacation Club: What is the Quintess Collection and Is It Worthy of Its Costs?

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Looking for information on the Quintess vacation club? Then you've come to the right site. No fluff, no filler just enough information that cuts to the chase without overwhelming you with it.

By the time you're finished reading this you may be surprised at what you found out about the Quintess travel club. You'll either decide that this is something that is quite appealing to you or this is a vacation travel club that doesn't fit with you and your family and/or you want a club with more vacation options.

Either which you'll be much closer to narrowing down your vacation club choices.

Here's the biggest question....

So, what is the Quintess Luxury Vacation Club?
This is a destination club that was started nearly seven years ago in 2004. It gives its members access to multi-million dollar residences in over forty destinations all over the world in exchange for a one–time membership deposit and annual membership dues.

What kind of residences are included? 

The Quintess Collection is made up of three clubs, (Quintess, DUO by Quintess and THE TOUR CLUB). Depending upon what kind of membership you get you can have access to top golf resorts and country clubs due to its strategic partnership with the PGA.

And of course you also have access to million dollar residences.

What will it cost me?

The starting membership will cost you in the neighborhood of $225,000.00 with annual dues starting about $17,150.00

Who is right for this membership?

It's for the traveler who enjoys staying in finer establishments and/or loves to have exclusive access to multi-million dollar residences and resorts.

By this time you either feel this right for you or it's not. When you're looking at travel clubs you have to find the best vacation travel club that fits with the way you and your family like to travel...and within your budget. That's how you decide if a travel club is worth its price in gold.


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