Is a Blonde Resort Really a Blonde Idea?

2:47 PM Posted by Admin

Finding a new niche in traveling is nothing new...but has a travel company gone too far by building a "blondes only" resort?

Ok, let's look at it closely.

The island resort will be staffed entirely by blondes...the guests don't have to be blonde to go there.

Ahhh! A sigh of relief for some.

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But is there really a need for a travel resort like this? By, the way you can read about the blonde resort here. If tourists want to be pampered in blonde-ness, why not just go to place like Sweeden where most people are blonde and find a beach or spa down there?

It definitely may come out cheaper, not to mention you get an to go to a beautiful country to get your blonde fix.

No, no, no! That would ruin the novelty of a blonde island resort...wouldn't it?

Would you want to go to an blonde-only resort?


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