What is the Best On Line Travel Discount Site?

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Question: What is the Best On Line Travel Discount Site?


What are you looking for a discount on? Accommodations? Car rental? Airline tickets? Travel tours? In other words, you have to decide what it is you want discounts on.

It sounds simple enough, but lets go on...

As a smart traveler, you know it doesn't make much sense to learn what is the best on line travel discount site, it you haven't gotten discounts to two of your biggest travel expenses:

1. Your Accommodations and
2. Your Airline Tickets

Save on Your Accomodations

So let's start off with your accommodations...

What types of places do you like to stay in? Resorts? RV parks? Hotels? Motels? Motels? Million dollar private homes?

There are ways to save on all those and more...but first you have to know what it is that makes you comfortable when you go on vacation.

I know you want to know what is the best on line travel discount site, but I like to stick with well-known reputable companies that can give you discounts to all the above. Here are top choices for getting discounts to your accommodations:

Airline Tickets

As you're probably aware of, the airline industry has been hit pretty hard in this economy. Really cheap airfare is not as prevalent as it once was, however, if you're willing to do a little homework you can find reasonably decent discounts on your airline tickets.

But first of all you have to know where and when you want to go and which airlines serve those destinations. Go directly to the airline websites and see what are the discounted flights.

Find out the cheapest possible rates (it might be a range) of what you'll pay by going directly to the airliner...and what are the conditions you have to meet in order to get those discounted rates (i.e. Do you have to book your flight within ten days?).

Next, you'll want to hit up the online discount travel sites mentioned above (Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz)...

Don't go for the "bundled" packages just yet. Odds are you'll overpay in one area, just to save in another..and that's not really saving at all!

Find out the cheapest prices for airline tickets for each site.

Now that you have all your research down, you're going to see what the lowest prices you've found for your accommodations and your airline tickets. Combine this total and see if you can find a bundled package on one of the discount travel sites that beats that price.

If you really done your homework, you may see in some instances that you're much better off without the bundled packages.

So what is the best on line travel discount site? Well there isn't just one. You'll have to put in a little time and do some research. After all you're designing your dream getaway, and that in itself is worth all the effort in the world.

Happy travels!


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