Timeshare Cure: Is This Legit?

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I’m not here to bash Timeshare Cure or even timeshares in general. This is not a Timeshare Cure review where at the end you’re still confused as to what you should do.

What you will learn by reading this article is that you have choices when it comes to getting out of your timeshare contract…one of which may or may not be Timeshare Cure.

When I looked up Timeshare Cure in Google a few sites popped up which either gave this company “glowing” reviews or said that Timeshare Cure is one of the many ripoffs in the timeshare industry.

Timeshare Cure Reviews

One site that popped up was the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gave this company a B+ rating. Note that Timeshare Cure is accredited by the BBB.

Now that may seem impressive on the surface but keep in mind that the BBB is a membership site and they have been known to change the rating of companies if the companies were willing to pay a price i.e.$$$ (see this 20/20 story ).

Just a side note…I’ve even been ripped off by a company (not a timeshare company) that was a BBB member – complete with the BBB plaque hanging on their wall. I’ve been wise to the tactics of BBB long before this tv report.

Other than the BBB, a few other sites popped up in my search including this one where there are several people in a row giving “glowing” testimonials of Timeshare Cure. I’m not saying that they’re fake but they do look a little “fishy” if you ask me.

To be fair I do not know if Timeshare Cure is 100% legit. And if you go to some of the timeshare forums, for example RedWeek, you’ll see a lot of the forum members are down on these types of companies which are sometimes referred to as “post card companies” or PCC’s because they charge hefty upfront fees to help you supposedly get rid of your timeshare.

A lot of forum members refer to them as scam companies because they charge these fees upfront. Which in my opinion is not really fair or "just" to lump all these companies together like that. Just because a company doesn’t operate the way you think they should it doesn’t mean they are automatically scamming people. There's nothing wrong with a company charging fees for its services as long as they fulfill their agreement.

When a company deliberately fails to do the things they said they would and take off with your money – then that’s a scam. Like I stated before I don’t know if Timeshare Cure is legit but there are things you can consider if you wish to get rid of your timeshare.

Here’s What You Can Do To Get Rid of Your Timeshare

Here is the best advice that I’ve seen so far on the topic of whether or not to use Timeshare Cure. It’s from Timeshare Users Group (TUG) forum moderator by the name of Denise (you can read in its original form here or see the original thread here:

Please consider giving it away to a private individual who can use it, before you spend a cent with a company like this. They are going to charge you $2,000 - $3,000 to "take it off your hands" and then lie to you about the tax deduction.


-You can give it away yourself for nearly no cost.
-You can control the transfer process to make sure it is truly transferred out of your name.
-You won't have to deal with companies that may or may not be Legit.
-You can transfer it to a private individual who will be happy to have it for their own use.
-You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you ended your ownership legally and ethically.

There are two places on TUG where you can give away your TS's for free (no charge for the Ads.) There are other cheap and free sites on the internet, as well.

TUG Marketplace - the only cost is your TUG membership - $15 (List it for $1 and it will automatically go in the Bargain Basement Ads.)

Bargain Deals - Totally FREE! - just write a simple post with all the pertinent info. In your post, include the following info.:
-resort name
-unit size
-season owned
-maintenance fee
-current reservations
To make it more attractive I would:

1) Pay 2011 maintenance fees and don't ask for reimbursement.

2) Pay for the title transfer (you can get a simple professional transfer for about $100) I've used this licensed document Prep. company [see this thread here]...

3) Reserve a popular holiday week for the new owner

Denise gave some really good advice if you want to get out of your timeshare. It may be better to start with her advice first and then if all else fails you may want to take your chances with a company like Timeshare Cure.

Note: You may also list your timeshare in RedWeek's Bargain Basement
and here are two more sites where you learn how to list or rent out your timeshare:
1.Timeshare Exchange
2. List of other sites (make sure you do your due diligence)

I hope you found this article helpful!

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