Sam's Club Travel – The Other Alternatives

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Sam's Club Travel is no longer in existence but there are better ways to get deals on your next vacation – if you know how and where to look.


Like most people, you're probably scouring the Internet looking for ways to save money on your next planned vacation. Since Wal-Mart is a popular discount chain, Sam's Club Travel may have been on your mind as a place to start.

Perhaps you've used them in the past for your travels and now you want to see what specials they're offering nowadays. Or maybe you've heard good things about Sam's Club Travel and now you're ready to give them a try.

The bad news is that Sam's Club Travel no longer exists. A little bit over two years ago Sam's Club decided to focus on other types of products and services for their customers and eliminate their travel club department.

Although this was bad news to those that have solely used this club in the past to save on their vacations, it wasn't completely bad news to those in the "know" about other ways to save on vacations.

So what other options do you have?

Sam's Club Travel – The Better Alternatives

Sam's Club Travel was good for what it did for travelers, but it wasn't always the best ways to save on vacations. There's no worse feeling than realizing that you probably paid too much for your vacation.

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Sam's Club Travel tapped into providing travelers with some quick deals.Nowadays if you want to be a smarter traveler, you've got to not only look at your immediate vacation plans but think about your long-term vacation plans as well.

Sams Club Travel

I'm sure vacations are part of your yearly family traditions just as anything else you hold dear. You know you're going to take at least one vacation a year – every year. So why not think about how you can save indefinitely on your vacations every single year?

Not only does planning ahead save you money, but it can lessen your anxiety and frustration levels that can come with planning your family vacations.

Savvy travelers have figured this out which is why they are most likely to spend less on vacations and are able to get into high-demand resorts at prime locations.

So, what are these savvy travelers doing that you may not be doing?

Resorts without the Contracts

This has nothing to do with Sam's Club Travel and timeshares but everything to do with vacation resorts. You see, most people think of timeshares as an economical solution for long-term travel savings and they would be partly right; however, along with timeshares comes the burdens of long-term contracts, rising maintenance fees, and inflexible travel times.


If you could take all the negatives of a timeshare and make them disappear and add in all the benefits of relaxing resort vacations, economical rates, and access to pristine resorts that you can't always get with sites like Expedia and Travelocity, you've got a travel club.

Travel Clubs Often Beats Sam's Club Travel

Having seen the inside of the travel industry, the side that a lot of travelers don't get to see, I can say that most people "over-pay" for their vacations.

I can also say that a lot of people experience a high level of frustration trying to get accommodations on sites like Priceline and Expedia.

How many times did you see your vacation time not available when you tried to book your rooms on sites like Expedia? Odds are you encountered the "not available" messages more times than you care to remember when trying to book your vacations using these kinds of travel websites.

One of the major reasons why you're not able to book your rooms is that travel clubs like this one here have a strong roster of serious travelers who know that their membership has privileges – like being able to get accommodations at some of the most well-known resorts when it's often not available on sites like Expedia.

Strong travel clubs have a lot of buying power and as a result can buy up a lot of rooms before being released to sites like Priceline and Expedia. This is why it pays to be a part of a good travel club.


Not only can travel clubs give you better access to more resorts, you'll pay a lot less than if you went straight to a site like Expedia or Travelocity. 

In some cases you can save upwards of 90% off of Expedia's best price. And best part is that you don't have to deal with the confinement and hassles of a timeshare.

Sam's Club Travel provided good immediate deals in its day but travel clubs gives you more flexibility, options, and better year-round deals you could never get with Sam's Club.

After doing a lot of research, this is the #1 Travel Club for over 20+ years. Click here to see how you can save on your next vacation...


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