Preferred Guest Resorts - Winner or Loser?

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If you're looking at Preferred Guest Resorts and Best Vacations Ever as a way to save on this summer's vacation, you may want to really know what you may be getting yourself into...

Preferred Guest Resorts

If you're not familiar with Preferred Guest Resorts or Best Vacations Ever, you may want see this promo video about the company...

So, What Really is Preferred Guest Resorts?

Preferred Guest Resorts came onto my radar just a few short days ago. Before that time I have never heard of them or Best Ever Vacations (another name Preferred Guest Resorts goes by).

First of all, this membership is vague – there's just not enough information on its website. I've always said that if something is vague or secretive as to what you're actually saving, you're best to leave it alone.

From what I can tell, they've “partnered” with resorts across the world to offer you savings. From their website, you get... 

“Credits that you can use toward access to hundreds of participating resorts worldwide and other vacation services including hotel, cruise and car rentals.

So, what you have is membership site that run on credits. How much do you save? What does it cost?

Well, from what I see you won't get any of those answers until you call their customer service line and you may have to attend a presentation....

Is this still a membership you want to pursue?

Ok, What About All of Those Preferred Guest Resorts Complaints?

If you “Google” Preferred Guest Resorts, you'll see a lot of “Ripoff Reports” complaints about this company. 

When you take a good look at what these Ripoff Reports say they complain about:
  • The sales tactics – high pressure
  • Bait and switched after buying their travel vouchers
  • Questionable marketing advertising

Do I think some of them have merit? Absolutely. Do I think that Preferred Guest Resorts could be more transparent and have better sales tactics and less deceiving advertisements? Yep. But you're not going to find any business that have a 100% approval rating.

What I Like About Preferred Guest Resorts...

With all the negative reviews of Preferred Guest Resorts, someone from corporate office of Preferred Guest Resorts does try to resolve the complaints on Ripoff Report. 

That is more than what most companies do. So at least they care about how their company is being perceived by the public. Will it be enough to turn around public opinion about this company? I dunno.

What I Do Not Like About Preferred Guest Resorts...

As with a lot of travel clubs, especially the ones that aren't run that well, there's a cloud of secrecy of what you're actually saving with the membership. How can you even compare rates if you're not even given a starting point to compare from?

Why do you even have to site through a pressure sales presentation in order to buy a simple (all travel club memberships should be simple in nature) travel membership?

Should You Buy a Preferred Guest Resorts Membership?

Whether you buy or not, make sure you take the time to do your due diligence and compare travel memberships. Once you do you will see which ones are worthy of your time and which ones are better left alone.

This is why I can only recommend thistravel club – it's been going strong for over 20 years giving people just like you affordable vacations all over the world...

Happy travels!



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